Tame the Mayhem

Realized Rhapsody turns chaos into order by transforming messy Solana blockchain data into actionable signals in dashboards. Without any third party data services between us and the true source, we can provide a neutral unbiased view of what is going on in the Solana NFT space.

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Connected to the Solana Blockchain

Be Confident

Realized Rhapsody turns chaos into order.

When we first discovered the Solana NFT space it was easy to pick projects, but when the market took off we felt overwhelmed quickly. The proliferation of projects made it difficult to find the right ones. That was last summer, but even in 2022, it remains hard to do good research, especially with dozens of opportunities appearing every day – the FOMO is real!

Fortunately, we are an experienced team of product and engineering professionals, with an average of 15 years of experience in tech, data analysis, and business intelligence. It was obvious to us that we needed to tame the mayhem.

In late summer 2021 we started mining the Solana blockchain to find key signals that would help us distinguish the gems. Of course we wanted alpha, and indeed, we benefited by finding strong projects. As our insights improved, we decided to make these insights available to other Solana NFT enthusiasts. Surely you've heard the aphorism "a rising tide lifts all boats".

As Solana NFTs continue breaking into the mainstream, and the public psyche, having a robust community of savvy enthusiasts, with good tools, will benefit us all, and support the story of Solana NFTs. This is why we invite you to join us in Realized Rhapsody, a product based Solana NFT project, building incredible insights by mining the blockchain.

Product Access

Only Qualified NFTs are eligible for access. To begin with, it must be one of the NFTs we issue. Further, it must trade at or above our original mint price. If an NFT is listed on an exchange below our original mint price, we disqualify it for access. Likewise, if an NFT is traded below our original mint price, we disqualify it for access. Disqualified NFTs can only be requalified by paying our Sin Tax.

Sin Tax (TBD with Community)

To protect our community, we encourage responsible trading by disqualifying NFTs when they are listed or traded below original mint price. The only way to reinstate a disqualified NFT is to pay our Sin Tax. Keep it simple. Don’t buy or sell our NFTs below the original mint price. Our website has a Qualify Me feature that will tell you whether a particular NFT is qualified, use it before buying on the secondary market.

We established the Sin Tax so that disqualified NFTs can become requalified. We reserve the right to modify our Sin Tax at any time, according to holder behavior, and the market for our NFTs. Our advice is: don’t be a dope. We detest paper hands and so should you.

Your Data

Any personal information you share with us, in association with your wallet is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy, which states that your information is only transferred between your session and our servers, never a 3rd party. It is not logged, and it is removed entirely from our system by our Forget Me feature.

We also employ an Auto Forget failsafe, which you may enroll in at login. Our Auto Forget failsafe is associated with your wallet address. When you enroll in Auto Forget, you specify the number of days of inactivity, after which, we automatically perform the Forget Me feature on your behalf.