What is RR?

Realized Rhapsody is a data-mining and analytics solution for the Solana NFT community. It assists our exclusive community of NFT enthusiasts to discover and analyse past, present, and future NFT projects, by exposing the underlying data, finding connections, tracking performance, sharing exclusive insights, and enabling novel comparisons. We mine many sources, but most of all the blockchain, to provide actionable insight, and expose hidden alpha.

Why an NFT?

We want to grow an exclusive community of active NFT enthusiasts. Token gating just felt right.

What's the price and supply?

3.50 SOL @ 7,900

What is a Psyborg?

Our community members are Psyborgs! Our exclusive tools transform Solana bigbrains (man) and AI (machine) – you bring your big brains and enthusiasm, we’ll bring great analysis and insights, together we’re Psyborgs.

What's an OG Psyborg?

OG Psyborgs are community members who win one of our contests, marketing giveaways, OR mint from our first issue NFTs. Our OGs get preview access to all new features and analytics, as we release them. Everyone else will have to wait till the OG preview period is over. We’re thinking 10 to 30 days of preview access is sufficient. Let us know in discord what you think.

How are OGs Identified?

We identify our OG Psyborgs by the presence of an OG Psyborg token in the wallet that logs in. They can be freely traded and transferred, but why would you? They become more rare as our community grows, and gain value as we release more features.

What is an OG Psyborg Token?

OG Psyborg tokens are community tokens that are given to members as part of promotions, contests, and minters who participate in our first NFT issue. The presence of 1 or more OG Psyborg tokens in a wallet confers OG Psyborg access, instead of normal access, when using our products.

What's the Sin Tax?

To protect our community, we encourage responsible trading. We disqualify NFTs when they are listed or traded below original mint price. The only way to reinstate a disqualified NFT is for someone to pay our Sin Tax.

We established the Sin Tax so that disqualified NFTs can be reinstated. We reserve the right to modify our Sin Tax at any time, according to holder and market behavior. We detest paper hands and so should you.

How do I Know if my NFT is Qualified?

You'll be able to login.

Why is my NFT Disqualified?

We detest people who trade below value, and if you’re a holder, so should you. If your NFT is disqualified, it means someone listed it or traded it below mint price.

How to Reinstate a Disqualified NFT?

Our NFTs become disqualified for tool access if someone paper hands the NFT below mint price. To reinstate it, someone must pay the token’s Sin Tax directly on our website.

Who Pays the Sin Tax?

Buyer and sellers must decide amongst each other who pays the Sin Tax.

Who are we?

We are a team of devs/traders that have built what we believe is the ultimate tool to insider market information on Solana. We are devs that have put together a website in which every normal investor can use dev/like tools. With the help of @gmoney, @cryptolord and @Degen0xBDC, we have assembled a team of leaders and traders to make this tool exceptionally accurate for all types of investors in the space.